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What is a Classic Car?

Posted by on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 in Articles

Heacock Classic is a classic car insurance provider. You may ask, what’s a classic car? A big part of our business is determining whether your vehicle is living the classic car lifestyle. This is determined by many different factors, not the least of which is how you treat your vehicle.

It’s not about the age

One common misconception about our policies is that any car that was manufactured more than 25 years ago can qualify. In reality, we require more information on vehicles that we insure other than the age. Just because your vehicle is old, doesn’t mean it qualifies for one of our policies.


One of the biggest factors in determining your vehicle’s eligibility for our program is its collectability. Collectability is a hard thing to define, and we use many different sources to determine this for each vehicle we insure. No two vehicles will have the same level of collectability, because almost every classic car has lived a very different life. The collectability of your vehicle tells us whether your vehicle is classic, or something in between.

The Collector Car Lifestyle

The classic cars that we insure need to live a certain lifestyle. We like to call it “The Collector Car Lifestyle”. It involves a higher level of care and protection from standard, everyday automobiles. We expect cars thaat we insure to be treated like a collector car should be. Policies like this allow us to provide great coverage for low prices. For example, collector cars typically live in an enclosed garage, and are not used for errands or as backup transportation.


We like to see how you’ve made your vehicle yours. If you’ve added a supercharger, suspension upgrades, or a new set of wheels, we want to know. Not only does it help us get you a more accurate quote, but we’d like to see it as well! Our customers have some really cool rides.


Above all, if you have any questions about what vehicles we can insure, please call us. We determine whether we can insure each car individually, there’s no set list. We like to think that each car is unique.

If you have a collectible you’d like to insure with us, let us show you how we are more than just another collector vehicle insurance company. We want to protect your passion! Click below for an online quote, or give us a call at 800.678.5173.

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