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Due to the impending approach of Hurricane Dorian, binding coverage has been suspended until further notice in AL, FL, GA and SC. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are affected by this storm and need to report a claim please contact, for American Modern policies 800-375-2075, for Infinity policies 800-334-1661. Stay safe!

Insurance for the Way You Use Your Collector Car

Classic Ferrari 250 GT California

At Heacock Classic, we’re here to protect your passion. We’re in business to keep the cars people love on the road, whether you are on your way to a car show or just out on a Sunday drive. With premiums far below family auto insurance policies, Heacock Classic saves you money with coverage designed for the way a collector car should be used.

Heacock Classic covers a wide variety of cars, motorcycles and trucks being kept for future generations to enjoy, including:

Save Money

Car collectors take better care of their cars and deserve lower rates. Collectors with multiple cars and large collections get an even lower rate. You’ll only pay for liability once, no matter how many cars are in your collection*.

Revaluation is Simple

As many savvy collectors know, collector cars are often appreciating assets. The agreed value of a car one year might not cover the car’s appreciated market value the next. So when you feel the value of your car has increased, Heacock Classic makes it simple to request a revaluation and determine a new agreed value. The value of your car is determined between you and Heacock Classic, without the need for time-consuming in-person estimations or outside appraisals. Heacock Classic saves you time by carefully following auction prices and understanding the changing value of your car, making both our initial valuations and any requested revaluations hassle free.

Excellent Customer Service from Actual Enthusiasts

With Heacock Classic 24/7 you can access most of your policy information and request to make changes online. As a search through collector car forums will confirm, Heacock Classic’s agents know collector cars and work with car collectors everyday with a knowledge and dedication that general insurance providers can’t match.


Included with your collector car insurance policy is complimentary roadside assistance featuring towing services worth up to $200 (we even guarantee towing via a flatbed truck). On top of roadside assistance we also provide $2,000 in spare parts coverage with every policy. In the event you have a claim you can choose your own repair shop and in most cases there’s no deductible.

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*(Excludes residents of California with more than 15 cars.)

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