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When You Decide to Race

Posted by on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 in Articles, News

It’s no secret we love vintage auto racing as it is at the core of our DNA. Our founder, Ford Heacock III was one of the founders of the SVRA and also started Vintage Motorsport magazine, and still competes to this day at tracks around the country. If you’re thinking of getting involved, here are some tips to get you started.

Sonoma 2015 1 row

  1. Go to School – Most sanctioning bodies require some experience and a license. Test your skills and learn how to drive safely without any major financial risk.
  2. Join a Club – There are plenty to choose from, so attend their events and do your homework. The member clubs of the VMC – Vintage Motorsports Council – are dedicated to safe and affordable racing on all levels.
  3. Do the research and choose a car – Consult with a race prep shop, budget for a complete overhaul, and remember, as a new racer, a reliable, predictable car will get you more track time, and you’ll have more fun.
  4. Buy the very best safety equipment – Snell-approved full helmet, fire suit, shoes, and gloves are a start, but don’t forget the seat belt system, roll bar, fuel cell, and fire suppression systems either.
  5. Insure your equipment – Let Heacock Classic cover your vehicles, spare parts, and trailer with Agreed Value protection.


There are great industry publications like Vintage Motorsport and Victory Lane that are full of event coverage and wonderful references and options for both the service and equipment needs of a vintage racer. Heacock Classic has all the options for insuring your fleet.

2015 race 2

If you have street legal classic cars, our Agreed Value policy provides you with full coverage protection usually with a zero deductible. For track cars, use our STP policy – Storage, Transit, and Paddock – that covers everything except your time on the track. Good insurance can be every bit as important as your safety equipment to keep you on the track and enjoying your vintage racing fun.

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