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Remembering Daniel Sexton Gurney

Posted by on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 in Articles

Remembering Daniel Sexton Gurney 1931-2018

leg·end·ar·y ˈlejənˌderē/ adjective
1. of, described in, or based on legends.

312 starts, 51 Victories, 42 Pole positions.

The statistics span from Sports Car World Championships, to Can Am, to Trans Am, Indy, NASCAR, to Formula 1. Titles such as Driver, Teammate, Constructor, Team Owner, Inventor – and let’s not forget “Presidential Candidate”! Dan Gurney did it all during his career, and succeeded at every aspect of it.

The definition of “legendary” per Merriam-Webster gives us just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing Mr. Gurney. His passion and determination for the sport was rivaled by few during the Golden Era of race cars.

Many have waxed poetically this past week with the passing of Dan. Volumes have been written about the man and his cars that have taken on the world. Rather than repeat what others have written, we at Heacock Classic simply wanted to share a few photos of Dan during his F5000 days. Here’s to One of the Greats.

(Can you guess where these were taken, and when?)

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