Ford's Mustang Debut in James Bond: Goldfinger

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In the iconic James Bond movie, Goldfinger (1964), the new Mustang made its first appearance on the big screen. This 1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible driven by Tilly Masterson (played by Tania Mallet) premieres in a race scene along with Bond’s Aston Martin. The picture below features Tania with the original Mustang used in the movie.

Originally, Ford planned on debuting a Mustang Fastback in Goldfinger but the set production was moving so quickly, Ford was not ready for it’s release and instead debuted the Mustang Convertible. Watch the full scene below to see the race chase unfold.  Try not to close your eyes when the Ben Hur accessory cuts into the Mustangs tires which cause it to crash.  Don’t worry, the actual damage was filmed by a mock-up plastic version of the Mustang. The search for the real car shown in Goldfinger continues to this day!

Check out the iconic race scene below:


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