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Fri Nov 20

Leake Auction – Dallas, TX

Event Details

Venue: Dallas Market Hall

Start: November 20, 2015

End: November 22, 2015

Phone: 800 722 9942

Before car collecting was a business, before collector cars became a hobby, back when ‘old’ cars were considered junk – that is when the passion for the ‘old junkers’ took hold of Jim Leake, Sr. Finding these old cars and stockpiling them brought about one important stage in the evolution of collector cars – one of the first collector car auctions in the United States!

Leake D1

In 1964 the Leake family hired Park-Bernet (later to become Sotheby’s) to conduct a 1-day auction on the Leake site in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Considered a smashing success by everyone, this one event set the stage for a museum on this site and the annual collector car auction based in Tulsa.   In the 40 years of business three generations of Leakes have worked with collector cars.

Leake D 2

Today, the Leake Auction house has sold over 34,000 cars, and is under the capable leadership of Richard Sevenoaks and Nancy Leake-Sevenoaks.  The annual fall Dallas Auction will feature around 500 lots and two lanes selling simultaneously, for double the excitement.

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