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Fri Apr 11

50th Celebration Ford Mustang – Norman OK, , Charlotte NC., Las Vegas NV.

Welcome to the Mustang 50th Pony Drive

In April of 2014, we will have the opportunity to participate in one of the largest car-related events in American history. But then, if you own a Mustang, you probably already knew that!

Many activities are being planned for the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration. It all begins with the Mustang 50th Pony Drive departing from Norman, OK to Las Vegas NV and Charlotte NC. The MCA and the Great American Pony Drive have been working together to create a high level of excitement to bring as many Mustangs as possible to Norman OK which is the location for the ‘official’ kick off of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration!

Due to the magnitude involved in the planning of the Pony Drives, they have been divided into two parts. Part one involves bringing in Mustang enthusiasts from all over the country to Norman and part two involves bringing those to either Las Vegas or Charlotte. As both Pony Drives are designed to complement each other, they are still separate entities.

The Great American Pony Drive has been tasked to guide people from Seattle, Boston, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Richmond, Dearborn and Jacksonville and many areas in between to converge on Norman, OK to participate in a fun filled weekend of 50th Birthday activities.

The Official MCA Pony Drive is coordinating both the Las Vegas and Charlotte Pony Drives departing from Norman on Sunday, April 13th, 2014. The Las Vegas Pony Drive will be hosted in Amarillo, Albuquerque and Flagstaff. The Charlotte Pony Drive will be hosted in Little Rock, Nashville and Asheville.

As the Great American Pony Drive and the MCA Pony Drive are separate entities, there are separate registrations for both Pony Drives.

Each Pony Drive will offer its own unique goodie box. Included will be one of a kind, commemorative items that are specific to the Pony Drives and not available to the general public. These items will be lifelong keepsakes for those who register!

For those who are planning on joining one of the routes to Norman, you will find the registration form and hotel information at:

For those joining up in Norman (either on your own or via the Great American Pony Drive), the Official MCA Pony Drive registration form is available at:

On the MCA site, you can also register for the activities scheduled for Norman as well as the activities in Las Vegas or Charlotte, including your hotel accommodation.

For any questions or additional information regarding the Official MCA Pony Drive please contact Joe Grace at:

For any questions or additional information regarding the Great American Pony Drive please contact Dave Turnbull at:

Should you not have the time to do any of the Pony Drives to Norman or the Pony Drive from Norman to Las Vegas or Charlotte; you can still register for the MCA Pony Drive and meet up in one of the host cities along the way. There is a section on the MCA form where you can indicate which city you will join up with the Pony Drive. There is also potential for a world record to be broken from Asheville to Charlotte so make your plans now and be part of history!

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