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7 Days in Monterey 2016 – Favorite Photos

Posted by on Thursday, August 25, 2016 in Articles, Event Recap, Monterey, News

I was asked to summarize my week in Monterey with just 7 photos – one for each day. This was tough, as there are so many events, so many great cars, and I took hundreds of photographs – but here goes:

DAY 1 – The Garage Style Magazine Garage Tour – About 50 of us toured to several great garages, where the owners would take us through their process of creating the automotive ambience they chose for their garage.  This one – full of vintage touring cars – each with a story of a long drive or club tour.

Monterey 2016 DAY 1 - The Garage Style Magazine Garage Tour

DAY 2 – Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours – There were hundreds of cool cars displayed on the streets of Carmel, but none created a scene like Gary Wales’ latest creation.  With a Batman theme and a 12-cylinder fire-truck engine, he created quite a stir entering the show – and did I mention – he does one of these every year?

Monterey 2016 DAY 2 - Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours

DAY 3 – The Auctions – Well, you could write a book about what was offered, what sold, and what didn’t at the 6 major auctions in Monterey – but suffice it to say the totals are just shy of $350 million sold, which is down about 50 large from 2015, with a significantly lower closing ratio throughout.  Me, I love vintage motorcycles, and here’s just a few from Mecum, where the selection was wide and deep.

Monterey 2016 3 - auction motorcycles

DAY 4 – The Pebble Beach Tour – Hard to estimate the total value of the cars that roll past you on Thursday morning in Monterey – certainly many hundreds of millions of dollars.  Gets an insurance guy’s heart a-twittering to see them parked so close together, with thousands of spectators clamoring for a look.  The crowd was huge – and no wonder – with a Concours ticket price jumping like an Olympic pole-vaulter, it’s a chance to see these great cars for free.

Monterey 2016 4 - Pebble Tour

DAY 5 – Laguna Seca – This is an easy choice for me – among all the great race cars here, the Pre-War aisle is always my favorite.  Wonderful racing for 4 days, and wandering the pits is like a back-stage pass to racing history.

Monterey 2016 Day 5 - Laguna prewar classic race cars

DAY 6 – Concorso Italiano – I call this one “Which Color?”  I spoke with this gentleman at length, and he came specifically to see the featured Muira row.  He was gazing at these cars like a freshman boy at the Senior High School dance – and stated he had always dreamed of owning one.

Monterey 2016 Day 6 Concorso - classic exotic Lamborghinis lined up

DAY 7 – Pebble Beach Concours – This is a photo that gets taken 1,000 times at every Pebble Beach Concours. The cars in the feature row are not judged and have been a variety of marques over the years. For 2016, Pebble featured an incredible fleet of Ford GT40’s.  Nicely parked, I might add – which is why every photographer snaps this one.

Monterey 2016 7 - Pebble Beach GT40 Lined up

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